[PD] How's Pd limited?

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 26 05:40:33 CET 2016

For me Pd is totally
outstanding, even more with the Cleveland/Cincinnati
spaghetti reports.

The Gui is ok, perhaps
more than ok, as it is. When you are patching you always change
things, and the final visual effect is irrelevant. Also straight
cables (or unsegmented) are clear to follow. This minimalism, I
guess, is simpler an cheaper to maintain, that makes it even better.

Help files are ok.

It`s well documented.

Works on windows, mac,
linux, etc.

Limitations are that
Pd-extended is no longer updated, also that Pdvst by J.Sarlo is no
longer updated. Both of these form a door in which beginners enters
“Computer Music” and “dsp” with Pd.

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