[PD] How to check if a patch is vanilla

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Sat Feb 27 13:12:50 CET 2016

On 27/02/16 11:05, Alessio Degani via Pd-list wrote:
> Hi list,
> I think that this question was already pointed out in this list, but I
> can't find it anymore.
> Is there a simple way to chek if a pd patch is made only using vanilla
> object?
> Or:
> Is there a way to find which external lib are needed for a given patch?
> A possible solution is to keep a plain vanilla distribution to load a
> given patch and check the console for missing object, but this approach,
> for a BIG patch is not practical. The ideal case should be, for example,
> to load a patch and see a list of each object/lib pair that are actually
> loaded.
> My goal is to find if a patch is vanilla compatible and, if not, which
> are the lib that I need to run it.

This is kind of the holy grail I guess :)  I think there is an issue on 
the Deken tracker about this or something similar.

I had some success years ago by patching Pd core to print out when 
classes are registered by externals, so that I could generate a few 
object lists for libraries (including 'vanilla' as a virtual library). 
I could then use these lists with shell scripts parsing a Pd patch to 
see which objects were needed from which libraries - it was all proof of 
concept stuff, don't think I even supported chasing local abstractions, 
and of course it would only work neatly with all-in-one multi-object 
libraries without library abstractions...

I attached the state of this mini-project from 2008 or so.


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