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Alessio Degani alessio.degani at ymail.com
Mon Feb 29 15:43:34 CET 2016

On 29/02/2016 12:11, cyrille henry wrote:
> Le 28/02/2016 20:25, Alessio Degani via Pd-list a écrit :
>> Hi Cyrille,
>> On 28/02/2016 14:14, cyrille henry wrote:
>>> this is certainly possible, if someone spend time working on this.
>>> but my concern is : why is this important?
>>> i mean : if you don't care about conservation or portability, just 
>>> start pd loading a maximum of externals and use all of them.
>>> but if you do care about conservation or portability, then load pd 
>>> with only a minimal set of externals, and "declare" the other only 
>>> when you need them.
>> I do care of both. I've used to write my patch with pd-extended, that 
>> eliminates the problem "from the root".
> pd-extended did not solve this problem: pd-extended create this problem!
Again, I totally agree with you! :)

>  In this way my patch will work (almost) certainly with pd-extended 
> across each platform and from now on.
>> But I've decided to abandon extended for all the reason that we all 
>> know :)
>> The problem, now, is:
>> - If I want to distribute my patch, it would be great to write down 
>> the dependencies, for example in the README. And virtually, since 
>> I've used to work with pd-extended, I've in some way "lost" the 
>> border within vanilla objects and extended objects, so I've to 
>> manually check each time (i.e.: hummm spigot~ is vanilla? NO, ok... 
>> let me check... oh ok... is in the unathorized package -> each time 
>> for each object).
>> - I use different machines with different OS, etc... and sometimes I 
>> use "fresh" pd vanilla installation. Ideally, I want to install only 
>> the externals that I need. If I have a list of externals needed for 
>> my patch, this process would be much more easy (few clicks with Deken)!
> i think you should first reduce number of external you need : spigot~ 
> can be certainly be replace with a *~...

Yes, I'm going to proceed this way in order to reduce the number of 
abstraction. That's the way I've used to work before starting to use 
I prefer to implement the object as abstraction by myself, but 
pd-extended has spoiled me :)
I guess that I will have to do a lot of work in vanilla-izing all my old 

Anyway, I think that a method to "attach" a list of "used externals" to 
a given patch would be useful!


> you can replace lot's of externals using abstractions.
> that's a lot of work, but your patchs will be lot's more portable.
> cheers
> c
>>> So, my advice is :
>>> better than making a mess and try to fix it latter, it's easier to 
>>> make things clean in the 1st time.
>> I totally agree with this! :)
>> Cheers
>>> cheers
>>> c
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