[PD] "WARNING: duplicate '...' library found

patrice colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Tue May 3 15:16:20 CEST 2016


  I've just installed pd-0.47test4 with make install, now I'm trying to 
remove an error coming on my archlinux machine since a long time. When I 
open the help browser the console is complaining about duplicate 
libraries when pathes are added to preferences.

  I start pd, open path preferences window, close it, and then open 
browser, the console doesn't complain anymore about duplicates...

So if I delete the content of ::sys_searchpath before opening the help 
browser the errors don't come anymore.

Before looking further in GUI code, I'd like to ask if it happens to 
someone else, knowing that there is only one .pdsettings in my home folder.



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