[PD] [PD-announce] pd 0.47-0test2 released

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Fri May 6 11:45:12 CEST 2016

this my pd file :

#N struct 1011-symarray float x array symbols 1011-sym;
#N struct 1011-sym symbol name float on;
#N canvas 235 0 1120 645 10;
#X declare -path ./abs-pd;
#X obj 37 113 fred-links;

i open it with Vanilla (latest test version),
add a [i], and save.

this is the saved file:

#N struct 1010-symarray float x array symbols 1010-sym;
#N struct 1010-sym symbol name float on;
#N canvas 235 50 1120 645 10;
#X obj 37 113 fred-links;
#X obj 149 59 i;

the declare statement has disappeared

this doesn't happen with vanilla 46.7


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