[PD] [netsend] bug?

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Fri May 6 14:45:29 CEST 2016

Hi, there. I'm trying to use PureData 0.46.7 to control VLC. Based on a 
patch in https://github.com/mxa/AudioVideoPatches, that uses Python code 
(pyext) to send TCP messages, I want to use [netsend] to send them, 
without Python.

I start VLC with:

vlc -I rc --rc-host=localhost:1234

And, in Pd:

[connect localhost 1234(
|  [list add file.mp4(
|  [list prepend send]
|  [list trim]
| /

The connection is well done, but I discovered that the messages arrives 
with a ";" at the end of the message. For example, when I click on [list 
add file.mp4(, VLC says (sorry for the language):

[0x7f387c0044a8] filesystem access error: cannot open file /home/mario/file.mp4; (No such file or directory)
[0x7f387c0044a8] main access error: Falló lectura de archivo
[0x7f387c0044a8] main access error: VLC no pudo abrir el archivo «/home/mario/file.mp4;» (No such file or directory).
[0x7f3888005ac8] main input error: open of `file:///home/mario/file.mp4%3B' failed
[0x7f3888005ac8] main input error: Su entrada no puede abrirse
[0x7f3888005ac8] main input error: VLC es incapaz de abrir el MRL «file:///home/mario/file.mp4%3B». Vea el registro para más detalles.

Also, I use a simple Python script (Server code in 
https://wiki.python.org/moin/TcpCommunication) to receive this messages 
and, when it does, it prints:

received data: b'add file.mp4;\n'

Ssome guys from #dataflow told me that the best workaround is to make a 
small program/app/script that strips semicolons. Yes, now I'm writing 
it... but I would not need another program to do this.

I've never reported a Pd bug. I'm writing this mail to you to know about 
this (maybe it is not necessary to report it)... and maybe someone knows 
another workaround.

Thank you.

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