[PD] more help file suggestions for pd 0.47

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat May 7 17:37:18 CEST 2016

howdy, I can see it in the sourceforge you updated the help files, cool.

but in the otherbinops-help.pd I still don't see the [%] object


2016-05-05 23:24 GMT-03:00 Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>:

> So i did browse though all the help files again to see if I could find
> anything else, here it is:
> [%], [mod] and [div] call the otherbinops-help file, but none of these 3
> objects are mentioned in it, so please update this help file to include
> them.
> both delwrite~ and delread~ could be update to refer to the new vd~ name
> delread4~ (I had suggested this before with delread~ but forgot about
> delwrite~).
> [value] could be update to inform that you can both read and write values
> to it from the [expr] family of objects
> Moreover, many help files were hurting the eye because comments were
> overlaping with objects, the window size was wring and things like that. I
> assume some font size and things like that changed from one version to
> another and things got a little screwed up (30 of them exactly).
> I made changes myself, all very minute and just to correct this aesthetic
> and reading problems - some incredibly minute, while other needed more
> effort separating overlapping things. But anyway, none should configure an
> "update to 0.47" remark in my oppinion... cause it's all the same!
> only thing I really changed was in [change] (haha) - where I fixed a typo
> (STREAM instead of STEAM), find them all attached.
> cheers
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