[PD] Uninstall pd on OSX

Wilfred de Zoete puredata at klankontwerp.nl
Sat May 7 21:07:23 CEST 2016

I'm having issues on 10.9.5 with installing a new version of pd (0.46-7) 
- I've been using a 2013 pd extended for years but that one froze on me. 
But now when throwing it away and installing a new pd I get plenty 
conflicts with different paths. Installing exernals gives errors too; 
some install, some give conflicts and others refuse. How can I clean the 
system totally? I've been deleting all pd's and the pure data files  
'user \ library \ save application state' but still errors. By the way: 
the menu doesn't work too (copying, pasting et cetera from the menu).
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