[PD] Dynamic search paths and [declare] behavior in Pd.0.47

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Sun May 8 01:28:31 CEST 2016

Hi list,

With the new [declare] behavior, I am a little confused (Pd.0.47). I've 
read that putting [declare] in abstractions was not the "right" way, but 
that what I've done. Shame.

In La Malinette (malinette.info), it is very useful to have an 
abstraction named [include] which contains all relatives paths of all 
abstractions folders. The goal is to be user friendly and not ask people 
to add 6 paths in preferences ...  And if I want to change a path, to 
add a common feature for all patches, I have just to change it once, all 
patches that have this abstraction are affected. And I want to add paths 
to my patchs I have just to remember the name of [include] to add this 
object and paths. These are benefits of having abstractions, like 
object-oriented programming.

How can avoid to copy/paste 100 times a subpatch which contains 
[declare] and all paths, in all my files ? Or may be there is a way to 
add dynamically paths on all patches or current patches ? I can't see 
[import] in Deken, may be it could be the right way to add this kind of 
feature ? Is it downloable ?



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