[PD] Dynamic search paths and [declare] behavior in Pd.0.47

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Sun May 8 11:33:05 CEST 2016

> I don't regard this as a patch-level incompatibility


> But the old behavior was seriously broken and I don't see any good way to provide it without causing trouble
> and confusion.  I'm open to ideas...

I understand.

An abstraction [include] that you can put on all patches. Advantages : 
add search paths to all of these patches, add common behaviors too 
(variables, functions, ...)

The functionality is used in OpenFrameworks for instance. You add the 
file "libs/openFrameworks/ofMain.h" which contains all paths you need 
for your project :

******* ofMain.h *******
#pragma once
#include "ofConstants.h"
#include "ofFileUtils.h"
#include "ofLog.h"
#include "ofSystemUtils.h"
#include "ofMesh.h"
#include "ofNode.h"


     1 - Use a startup script, but is not enough user friendly for our 
project and depend on platform (like egregore patches)

     2 - Add a subpatch [pd include] in the parent patch which is 
populate if there is no [declare] inside to make it once ... I don't 
know if it is possible with [iemguts]. And if it is, it won't be 
dynamic, I have to save and reload the patch...

     3 -  First time I load the patch, an abstraction look at the 
preferences file and add paths if there are not added, but it depends on 
platform too ...


     1 - Update [import] object to be downloable via Deken, if it does it ?

     2 - A new object which add paths to pd. It has to query preferences 
file to add them once. We could add a "-file" flag to load paths from a 
file. The best would be it does effect instantaneously.

     3 - Add features in [declare] : a "-relativepath" flag, which could 
use paths from parent patch (order levels like iemguts),  a "-file" flag

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