[PD] zexy objects not created

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon May 9 20:58:59 CEST 2016

On 05/09/2016 06:55 PM, rolfm at dds.nl wrote:
> windows 10
> zip version of Vanilla 0.47test
> downloaded externals with 'deken'
> put [declare -stdlib external] for all of them.
> works for all except for zexy.
> in declare-help it says: if you have zexy installed in the
> directory extra/zexy you can get it using [declare -stdpath extra/zexy].

i guess the example is not really tailored to zexy (it's just used as a

> thus i did.
> again the zexy objects in my patch couldn't be created.
> in the help browser everything shows up including zexy (2x)
> what's wrong with me/zexy ?

upstream (that's me!) suggests to build zexy as a multi-object library;
[declare -stdpath zexy] will only add the search-path.

use [declare -stdpath zexy -stdlib zexy]

> rolf
> (BTW deken gives a choice out of 2 zexy's, what's the difference?

mine gives me 9 zexy's and i can see the difference by reading them out
to give a more specific answer, we would need more info on the options
you get.

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