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Peter Nyboer pnyboer at slambassador.com
Tue May 10 00:39:18 CEST 2016

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> Hi, thanks for your answer! I'll definitely have a look at heavy and compare the results with some bits of my own DSP code. 
>> How do you plan to output audio 
>> from it? It has SPI that could get you to connect to some DACs but 
>> nothing of top quality audio. One can also use PWM to simulate analog 
>> out.
> I actually thought of connecting ADCs and DACs via SPI, I don't need top audio quality, I'm rather looking for cheap effect/sound boxes :-). On the other hand, the ESP8266 also an I2S interface (dedicated to audio). I've seen videos of people streaming and playing mp3 files with it! 
> Once I've done my tests (probably not before July), I'll tell my results.

Not sure how cheap is cheap, but the CHIP from Next Thing Co is $9 + shipping http://getchip.com <http://getchip.com/> and has audio, wifi, and bt built-in. I’ve been running PD on it. There’s still some issues with duplex audio in PD, but there is vast potential for audio fun on this thing.
disclosure: I work for NTC

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