[PD] Obfuscate patch?

Mario Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Thu May 12 19:42:52 CEST 2016

Thanks everybody.
> Why would you want to do something like that?

I live in Argentina and I'm going to work with an agent in Spain. I 
developed and I offer the service of "Digital Puppeteers". So, this 
agent will offer the same service and he will contact me when he find a 
client. So, I prepare "the files" and I send him... and he pay to me.

Now, "the files" are the important thing here. They are Blender, Python, 
JSON and PureData files. Somehow, no-one of that formats can be compiled 
to send him the binary. Also, I can't afford contracting a hardware key 
system... or pay a programmer to make some online validation code.

If I send the files as they are in my computer (clean code, 
documentation, etc), in the worst case, he could never call me back... 
and start using the files for him, changing a few graphic files, audio 
files, code lines, patches, etc.

So, the only thing I can do... is to obfuscate as much I can.

Python: strings, keys, values, functions, classes, etc
Blender: objects, bones, scenes, materials and textures names, inserting 
extra scenes, textures, etc
JSON: everything.
PureData: send/receive names, messages from/to Blender, moving boxes, 
adding extra objects, etc.

And, of course, all that obfuscated names have to be the same between 
the files.

> What about simply changing all object coords other than inlet/outlet to (0, 0)?
Good one.
> yes, iirc multiple times.
> - [parazit] (used to be shipped with Pd-extended)
> - i remember a few patches from the local pd~graz gang around 2004 that
> would go into that direction (including self-destruction)
> - personally i have used self-replicating, self-renaming and moving
> objects in a number of performances [sinusoiddreams]
> (much of the iemguts development was driven to implement those systems).
I'll look at them!
> kinda antithetical to the ethos of Pure Data
I posted my biggest PureData project in PatchStorage (and the old one, 
too). This patch is very specific.
> among other reasons, http://www.ioccc.org/
When I saw inside the code files... it made sense to me. They made me 
> I am an external patch obfuscator; nobody can understand the things that I write in PD.
I will hire you! :D

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