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Sorry. I didn’t mean to make that read like an accusation, but more the current state and reasoning behind my desire to update the build system.

Even though it *may* build on older setups and the resulting .app bundle *work* on newer OSXs, my point is more that newer OSXs can’t build and most people will be running newer OSXs. :)

Bleeding edge is more the norm for OSX users and this can be an issue for lots of open source projects. We try to keep ahead of things in OpenFrameworks for this reason as I remember helping out with a workshop a few years ago where there was a recent OSX udpate and 18 out of 20 people in the room running OSX had upgraded. Of course, there was a compiler error we needed to fix for all 18 people before they could even get things to work which is never a good experience when introduction programming.

Also, I was extrapolating from the current builds which still have ppc support, I believe, which requires the 10.6 SDK to be installed. src/makefile.mac, for instance, will not work without the 10.6 SDK as it explicitly sets -arch ppc in it’s architecture list. I can reasonably say that *most* people will not have the 10.6 SDK. Also, it’s very reasonable at this point to stop building for ppc as a default target.

The portaudio issue is more related to a missing error override, as identified, which is most easily fixed by grabbing the latest configure.in from the portaudio git. The better fix, though, is to build it ourselves as Miller noted which is what I’ve done in the autotools_updates branch.

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> It’s not FUD, it’s fact. Considering that, unlike you and Miller, < 1% of OS X users are running 10.6, I still say it’s generally true…
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>>> Right, and what I mean by “you’ll be out of luck” is that you currently cannot build on OSX using the git master from Miller’s site.
>> please don't spread fud.
>> obviously someone was able to build on OSX using the git master, since
>> there are binaries available on miller's site.

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