[PD] how to get GEM working in Vanilla?

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Sat May 21 12:23:00 CEST 2016

@ IOhannes

> afaik, both /downloads/gem and deken only provide Gem-0.93.3 (not 
> newer)
> for W32...

so, that's what i'm using

>> Vanilla 46.7 shows the same problem with Gem
>> to me it looks like the lib is found, but the creation of the objects
>> fails.
>> for [gemwin] there exists a gemwin.pd in the lib: the object box is
>> drawn like it is ok, but the 'content' cannot be created (list of 
>> errors
>> in Pd-console).
> ...but all the details of your report show that you are using some
> 0.94git snapshot

see above.

> OR
> that you simply failed to load the Gem binary.
> did you get the splash-screen telling you that Gem has been loaded?

no splash-screen.

> i suspect this all to do with libdir.
> try loading Gem before loading libdir.

i don't know anything about libdir.

for clarity: when i use the same Vanilla 47.0 and the same Gem lib in a 
virtual box (VMware player)
with Windows XP everything works like it should.
i get a splash-screen, can create a gem-window.


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