[PD] font problem / ubuntu 16.04

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Wed May 25 19:27:12 CEST 2016


I compiled pd 0.47 on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 installation.
the font is different than any pd version on others ubuntu computer i've seen.
pd say it is using the DejaVu Sans Mono, like on my other computer.
it look the same, but about 15% larger. so all my GOP are messed up.

ubuntu 16.04 use tk.6. i tried sudo update-alternatives --config wish, but "there is no alternative to wish" (8.4 is installed)
I did a apt-get install build-dep puredata before compiling pd.
should I install something else to have the correct font?

if I start pd with -font-face "Courrier 10 Pitch", everything goes back to a normal size.
but when I add this option in the pd startup flag (saved in .pdsetting), pd say :
WARNING: Font familly 'Courrier' not found...
10: can't open
Pitch: can't open

I tried with -font-face "Courrier 10 Pitch", -font-face 'Courrier 10 Pitch'...

any solution to solve any of this problem?


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