[PD] purr data beta1

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 1 00:22:44 CEST 2016

> in case purr-data turns out to be reliable, would it be a possible idea to use it also 
> with this project, or is it too much too fast?

> I have no plans to switch from libpd which is built around Pd vanilla. AFAICT 
> most of the major updates to versions/branches/forks etc of Pure Data involve 
> usability and bundling of externals which is a different domain that is not useful 
> for a libpd-based app which creates it’s own interface and only uses the pd core.
There are many improvements to the core.  Off the top of my head:
* $@ (mentioned in the OP of this thread)* preset_hub/preset_node* [trigger bang 0] (constant args in trigger)
* introspection objects: [pdinfo] [canvasinfo] [objectinfo] [classinfo]* matju's one-liner that adds a "clear" method for [delwrite~]* the continually-requested $0 inside message boxes* I think Ivica added [list cat]...
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