[PD] purr data beta1

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 1 00:31:51 CEST 2016

> ah, tested the 64b version on w7
Thanks, this is all very helpful!

The icon should be fairly easy to fix.
I haven't worked much on the help browser.  Should be improved substantially 
for the next version.
I'm not sure about the installation folder-- I'll have to play around with it to see 
what's happening.

cool. some random remarks, most of them just tiny details:
- when installing on windows, the installer didn't ask for the installation folder. I imagine it took it from the previous folder purr-d was installed. But in case I would want to change the installation place, that would be on the way. Is it better to always confirm the installation folder, as it was the case before?- good work with avoiding replacing the systems libs only after closing Pd.- the file file purr-data/ReadMe.html is an older file? should it be updated, or just removed as a readme option? (does anyone read this file) if it remains, maybe update and make it a bit nice, e.g. with some general Pd links, instead of some detailed information that will only scare newbies?- is it possible to improve the purr-d system icon (the black losangle that appears when changing programs with alt-tab)- the help browser still doesn't work for me. neither with "bezier", "jmmmp/bezier", "jmmmp". but files inside of /doc/ seem to work- I still don't find any tutorial for the new data structure features- data structures inside a gop work very very slow - check jmmmp/bezier-help.pd (compare with pd-ext)- also jmmmp/jp.menu-help shows the same bugs reported some days ago (also compare with pd-ext) - is there a minimum width for gop windows? check out jmmmp/butt-help.pd; the gops should be square, not rectangular.- is it possible to use keys to select the answers in windows such as "do you want to save the changes...", and also the menus (compare with pd-ext)- in pd-ext, all open windows (including subpatches) were listed in the "windows" menu. could this be added?
If there's something concrete I should test, let me know.

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