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IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Oct 4 20:27:26 CEST 2016

On 10/04/2016 07:36 PM, Christof Ressi wrote:
> IOhannes and Lucas,
> thanks for your help. I was aware of the naming convention and I've read the dev readme.
> When I was asking how to manually upload a package, I wanted to know how to *upload*.

ok :-)

login, and "add a new file" via the "add new article" menu.

> Now I've tried myself. I uploaded the zip file with 'add new article' ('neuen artikel hinzufügen') on my puredata.info account. I named the URL the same as the zip file. However, I chose a different article name (thinking it should be descriptive). 
> after a while it showed up in deken but the name was - and is still! - a mess. It kind of mixed bits of the file name with bits of the arcticle name (see yourself!). I noticed it immediately and removed the file from my account, hoping it would disappear from deken but it's still there! I gave it a second try (with a different directory), same results. 

afaics this part works as expected.
deken displays
> moonlib/0.3.4_Pd_0.47 (moonlib Windows binaries (Pd >= 0.47))

which is indeed a mixture of the descriptive article name ("moonlib
Windows binaries...") and info parsed from the actual filename (a
<library>/<version> information "moonlib/0.3.4_Pd_0.47").

which - i think - makes total sense.
the version information is *crucial*; just having "moonlib Windows
binaries (Pd >= 0.47)" could mean anything (well, at least manything).

the logic that creates those display names is rather simple: if the
uploader cared to give a name, then you get "<libraryname>/<version>
(it needs to be simple and still contain meaningful information; just
having "<articlename>" is not foolproof enough, as the uploader could
give an arbitrary name; and in fact when using the Plone-Software-Center
(everything under /downloads/) these names usually lack both libraryname
and version)

> Then I tried to upload it a third time (now with the article name
> being the same as the filename),
> but this time it doesn't show up in deken. 

that's a bit hard to debug.
what's the URL of the not showing-up file?

> How can I remove the old packages and get the new one to upload? Here's the link btw:
> http://puredata.info/Members/spacechild1/externals/moonlib/moonlib-v0.3.4_Pd_0.47-%28Windows-i386-32%29%28Sources%29-externals.zip

*this* one does show up.

for me (and i figure: everyone), deken returns two moonlib uploads by
you, both named "moonlib/0.3.4_Pd_0.47 (moonlib Windows binaries (Pd >=
one lives in
the other directly in

i don't see any 3rd upload. (also i don't see any additional upload when
i browse /Members/spacechild1)

the last link, however, is broken.

the reason for the broken link is a caching problem on the deken server.
it needs to be fixed by me.


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