[PD] Ubuntu Xenial repo not found

enrike altern2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 15:35:06 CEST 2016

>     is this install method not working and PD needs to be compile from
>     source?
>     https://puredata.info/docs/faq/debian
>     <https://puredata.info/docs/faq/debian>
> Are you trying to install pd vanilla or extended? As stated on that
> page, the repos were for pd-extended. Vanilla should be in standard
> Ubuntu repos already, though I believe 0.46.7 may be the most current
> release available there. Since pd-extended is somewhat deprecated now it
> is stuck somewhere around 0.43, so you will definitely not get updates
> searching for that.

OMG! sorry, I made a mess... I had forgotten about the fact that before 
summer I did try to install extended but then I finally installed 
vanilla. I never removed the repos from the apt system. Now in my messy 
head both got mixed. thanks!

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