[PD] Purr Data beta 2

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 20:38:44 CEST 2016

> ​The deprecated library in question is Carbon, which is 32-bit only. I can't remember whether or not there were plans to update Gem to use Cocoa instead, but if I 
> remember correctly it was going to require some major surgery. There are also tons of problems in the Gem code elsewhere that ​clang chokes on (at least on my machine).> You'd have to edit some 50 of Gem's openGL source files because they did constructor declarations wrong (put default parameters in the definition in the .cpp file rather than in the declaration in the .h file).

You should update it, make a video if it in action, then schedule a script to delete all the code if the community doesn't pay a ransom on time.
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