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Hah whoops, I didn’t completely read the question. Yes, SimpleSynth works very well as a GM wrapper on OSX. :P

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> On Oct 9, 2016, at 11:35 PM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is what I do which is working fine for me on 10.11 and have been doing for many years.
> Create a virtual port in the Audio MIDI Setup app and have Pd use it:
> * open Audio MIDI Setup app (in /Applications/Utilities)
> * Window->Show MIDI Studio
> * Double click IAC Driver
> * Make sure the “Device is online” checkbox is enabled
> * Click the Plus button under the Ports list to add a virtual input (mine is named Pure Data In)
> * Click Plus again and add a virtual output (mine is named Pure Data Out)
> Next, open Pd and have it use the input & output virtual ports. Save the settings.
> Download and install MIDI Patchbay <http://notahat.com/midi_patchbay/>. You can then use it to route between the devices and Pd as well as save hot plug settings, kind of like the Alsa MIDI routing in qjackctl.
> I’ve not actually connected to devices directly in Pd since the above handles everything.
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>> Hi all,
>> I have several students who are trying to use the old pd-extended and current pure-data and who are unable to connect to their internal general MIDI synth. Under MIDI settings there are no MIDI output devices found. I believe this pertains primarily to Yosemite and newer. I wonder if anyone has any ideas as to why this is so and whether you have a proposed solution?

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