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I use Homebrew all the time. It’s great. Definitely nicer to use than macports.

I prefer Homebrew as it uses as many of the built in programs and libs already on OSX. That means it’s *much* faster to install/build packages since most things don’t require as many dependencies. You can, of course, also install packages to supersede the often older versions that come with the OS.

Also, it uses the more standard /usr/local as opposed to Macport’s /opt, so most build systems find things automatically.

One more point, Homebrew has prebuilt binaries as well so installing *big things* is relatively quick too.

Actually, when Jonathan sent me the purr data wiki, I did a quick check and pretty much all of the libs y’all install via macports are available in Hombrew.

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>> Thanks for this, IOhannes. We've been using macports for most of the
>> development of purr-data on OSX (with a couple of fink installs for some
>> libraries). Do you find brew to be superior, or was this a comfortable
>> default?
> i cannot really remember what led to the actual decision.
> maybe brew was just the cool kid when i looked into it...
> however, i'm under the impression that so far i have had far less
> troubles with brew than with fink and or macports.
> keep in mind, that i hardly ever use any of these in real live.
> (so while i probably find brew to be superior, i have virtually zero
> data points to be able to defend this position).
> gfmd
> IOhannes

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