[PD] Request for help investigating the xeq sequencer package

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 22 10:07:40 CEST 2016

On 22-10-16 06:11, Derek Kwan wrote:
>> hmm, it's got nothing to do with midi, right?
>> oh...
> haha, it looks like there's plenty of midi in there =). if i'm reading
> it correctly, it looks like it functions sort of like arrays? you bind a
> sequence to some global symbol and access it by passing that symbol.

This approach allows multiple clients ("friends" in xeq-speak) read a 
single server ("host") sequence.
> I'd be interested in more sequencer options for pd so it'd be nice to
> have xeq or something like xeq available. i suppose i'm going off-track
> a little, but it'd be nice to have something supercolliderish with
> TempoClocks and Patterns where it's really easy to loop sequences,

It has tempo options and functions to find sequence patterns, but the 
proper patches to demonstrate are lacking...

> randomize specific bits of a sequence, etc. and have that all bound to a
> global transport (or two). A lot of the times I end up making my own hacky
> transport with metro and sends and receives for beginnings of bars,
> beats, etc and even then it's not the easiest to do say, quintuples
> when I've got my global metro going in 16ths...
> I suppose xeq could potentially be revived with [text] compat since that
> seems to be the successor to [qlist]? it seems like [text] solves a lot
> of the issues xeq had with qlist, like global binding allowing multiple
> objects to traverse a text file...

Xeq evolved from the original [qlist] format to something more powerful. 
But how powerful hes to be determined... At least it reads, plays and 
writes multi-track mid files. That part I happened to get working.
> Derek


Fred Jan

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