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Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 30 14:29:50 CET 2016

On 29-10-16 13:04, Derek Kwan wrote:
>     - I think library management is important to the future of Pd and
>       I'd like to discuss idea of how to improve it. I basically think
>       the current idea needs a bit more meat on its bones to truly be
>       helpful and integral to the Pd experience. I'd like to discussion
>       what sorts of metadata would be helpful to have, how updates to
>       libraries can be handled (esp with previous versions on a user's
>       computer), if perhaps it could handle package manifests ala
>       Node.js so that projects are easier to distribute (which also
>       brings up the issue of local project install vs global install)
It would help the discussion if there was an inventory of actual 
problems the metadata would solve. There was a discussion about this on 
the Github deken-list, which (probably) went nowhere because of this.

With the current update policy of Pd-vanilla (add new functionality 
without breaking the existing one), not much issues arise between the 
core and externals. The best strategy for building externals is to 
anticipate differences in vanilla versions, implement workarounds if 
possible or fail gracefully if needed.

A version number would be a good idea, but how many external-packages 
depend on other entities than Pd-vanilla? Having more information 
available before downloading would be nice, and this could already be 
implemented as an extended deken-plugin.

Debian packages also have dependencies listed, but that is quite a 
different scale of complexity.

Without some actual problems, it will be hard to devise a solution to 
solve them.
> Looking forward to some fruitful discussion!

Started already :-)
> Derek


Fred Jan

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