[PD] PD doesn't quit

jlistshit jlistshit at kliklak.net
Mon Oct 31 22:33:12 CET 2016

IOhannes, i am not using any externals, just a standard vanilla install.

[;pd quit(     hangs as much as quitting via menu, as soon as audio/dsp was active. 

If i quit DSP even on an empty patch, then the PD window still says “audio on”.
I am using PD only with CoreAudio. Jack defied installation last time i tried ;)

Ingo, i didn’t use [
shell] (ever).



> On 10/31/2016 07:19 PM, jlistshit wrote:
>> Especially after the use of DSP I can only quit PD by force, 
> have you tried [; pd quit(?
>> and yet it leaves pd threads running, although the frontmost application has quit. 
> which threads?
> this sounds a bit like a problem with some externals you are using.
> also, which audio API are you using? jack?
> gfrdsa
> IOhannes

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