[PD] [pdcon_kudos] An opportunity to celebrate the Pd community from your own personal experience

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Nov 3 07:20:27 CET 2016

"Serving Suggestions" only, at first:

When did you first learn about Pd? (approximate date is OK)

When did you first begin to learn patching with Pd?

Is there a *simple way* to tell us all what the influence of Pd has been
on your work, your approach to what you do?

Do you have any specific personal experience of **the Pd-community** being
for you?  (Beyond some trite and general fact such as "msp is wonderful... ")

What's your line? Do you think of yourself a professional artist,
musician, professor or ...?

I realize that you may be Inspired by the above questions (or not) --  In
any case I cordially invite you to  send a "kudos" message ASAP to this
special address below:

    pdcon_kudos at newblankets.org

Re: "collecting/assembling"  --
I do not believe in censorship.  I do believe in neglecting to forward any
communication which is not peaceful and friendly, encouraging and
inspiring.  Inter alia of your freedoms .. of course you may choose to
post your "kudos message" to Pd-list immediately or you may choose not to
post it to Pd-list, ad lib.

The messages that I assemble will be "greeting cards" of some sort at
PdCon16; maybe these
cards simply scattered about on balloons or maybe collected as a little
(INFORMAL) keepsake booklet, for those who would dig it. Time will tell.

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