[PD] Aciles - the world's worst web server in Pd

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Fri Nov 4 03:03:01 CET 2016

Hi all,

Aciles is the world's worst web server, implemented in Pd.

Step 1: Download these two patches and open on your local machine:

  * https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chr15m/aciles/master/web-server.pd

Step 2: Browse to http://aciles.mccormick.cx/

Step 3: Send some messages between Pd and your browser.

Some things you could do with this:

  * Send messages from a web-app to Pd patches and visa versa.
  * Control a headless Rasberry Pi Pd with a web-app on another machine.
  * Control a libpd patch with a web-app on the same devices's browser.

This software is for Joe's nephew.




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