[PD] dsp issues

Austin Lemmons atlemmons at crimson.ua.edu
Fri Nov 11 06:14:43 CET 2016

I've been using pd on my MacBook for a few months with very few issues, but
now for some reason the software is acting differently. The dsp is turned
on, but I'm not getting any sound out of any of my patches. I've tried with
the patches from the startup manuals, but nothing is working. (And while
sound is my main concern, the charting functions aren't responding either.)
I'm also getting the "no method for 'bang'" message any time I try to use a
bang in patches that had previously worked.

I'm a pd novice at best...mostly what I do is copy and paste functions that
I want to use with the adc tacked on. I basically just tinker with objects
to make cool sounds. So any intricate patch editing is going to take me
quite a while to figure out. Any quick fixes?
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