[PD] GUI breakage after update to Debian Stretch

Tobias Brodel brittlehaus at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:10:31 CET 2016

Hi list,

After updating my laptop to Debian Stretch recently I've found the UI 
of Pd to be broken:
     * number and message boxes have a different appearance
     * toggles and bangs both appear the same (an empty square) and neither
       gives any response upon clicking (bang doesn't black out, the toggle
       never receives an 'X')
     * the lines connecting objects are only visible at 90 or 180 degree 
       anyhing diagonal disappears.

This highly surpsising to me, I've been running Pd 0.47-1 on both 
OpenBSD and
FreeBSD for since its release and haven't run into anything like this. I've
also been unable to reproduce on a fresh install of Debian Stretch. I'm 
sure this is not a bug in Pd but thought the people on the list here might
have some ideas as to how to squash it nonetheless.

I've tried `apt purge`ing puredata and puredata-gui, as well as 
tk and tcl to no avail.

Any ideas? Or should I file a bug with the Debian maintainers?

Much obliged,

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