[PD] on android to root n linux or not

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 01:44:05 CET 2016

awesome and thanks
will look into it when i figure out how  to set a wifi hotspot's wlan0
default ip  to something other than
eth0's gateway ip
I haven't tried to do anything with libpd since it first came out and there
was only
one set of instructions for building for processing  with eclipse,
didn't know pdsend was included with it.
on another note, found these things
also have tidied up my drumloops and drum samples collection
so they all have lowercase .wav names as well as removed the spaces from
all the filenames.
now I can start cleaning up my patches that have oodlins of messageboxes
with samples and loops.
attached is sample selector patch
have run into a problem with html/javascript
with trying to put a really large mode selection page in a separate page or
that loads up only a section at a time when needed so that the main page is
not so big
have looked at link rel type=html
html imports but neither work right
it's a task getting data in a format that can be readily used in an easy
way with
here is the start of the list
it's apiece of work just copy and paste into your favorite text editor to
see what i mean
my active version of it can be seen  here

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 10:26 AM, Chris McCormick <chris at mccormick.cx>

> On 14/10/16 06:30, Billy Stiltner wrote:
>> likeing to do everything very mobile, would love to know a good resource
>> for finding android development apps that can be run right on the
>> android that runs them
> If all you want is to run Pd patches on Android, either to make sound or
> to control Pd patches running on another device, then MobMuPlat or
> PdDroidParty are both apps that can do that. MobMuPlat is still under very
> active development and looks amazing.
> In the past I've built UIs in Pd, run then on Android devices with
> PdDroidParty and openned a netsend socket to another [headless] device
> running Pd to control it remotely with those UIs.
> Cheers,
> Chris.
> --
> http://mccormick.cx/
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