[PD] controlling a robot arm

me.grimm megrimm at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 20:59:28 CET 2016

to the land of collective knowledge:

we are working on controlling a 6-axis industrial robot arm (puma 560) with
pd/arduino(mega). last month i was attempting to write my own arduino code
and successfully moved one of the servo motors with a number box. a couple

1) has anybody controlled a multi-axis robot arm with pd/arduino before?
2) onyx mentioned at the pdcon to just use firmata on the arduino and be
done with it. will this suffice?

my arduino knowledge is still quite limited so before i throw too much time
behind pduino/firmata stuff i just want to make sure it will be worthwhile,
save time, etc

also we built our own controller with sabertooth/kangaroo combo with
arduino as the serial interface. the servo motor encoders seem to be
producing quite the noise. what is the advice of filtering this noise? in
hardware (arduino) or software(pd)?


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