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Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 25 13:12:39 CET 2016

Hey Anselmo,
Here's the Digital Waveguide Synthesizer (string model) I promised you at pdcon16~It's actually a hack of Kim Taylor's original patches posted to the pd-list I-can't-remember-when. Enclosed is the original folder which also has two different pluck excitations and one bow excitation.It's quite CPU intensive - more so than a Karplus-Strong model, but it's really powerful. Kim also included a readme.html page with some theory on how it works, and a reference to the original Julius Orion Smith paper from Stanford.Anyway, have a play. My version has a tendency to produce more inharmonic tones, but a more authentic string synthesis is found in Kim's DEMO1.pd and DEMO2.pd files.
Enjoy!Ed Kelly

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