[PD] cyclone comment and cross platform (was Re: Purr Data rc1)

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 05:28:07 CET 2016

one question, how does canvas and other fonts for labels work in cross

why not use that for comment... for now, all cyclone/comment is can be
thought of just being a fancy label perhaps...

I did use it a lot in my new help files that I'm working on, but only cause
it'd be too much work to use canvas and labels, as it'd imply a canvas for
each word as it doesn't take spaces (is only a symbol)

I was even thinking of ditching it when, it stopped working on vanilla 0.47
- yeah, that's another thing, a fix needs to be made to vanilla for old
versions of comment (0.2 and below to work) - but then I realized it could
be really useful. I was also hoping to add properties windows to make it
more convenient.

anyway, the question is, why labels and stuff simply work?


2016-11-28 21:45 GMT-02:00 Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at yahoo.com>:

> Another reason for putting it off is that I still haven't figured out a
> sane approach
> to handling arbitrary fonts in a diagram where everything is absolutely
> positioned.
> In fact I only have a minimally-workable approach to handling a single,
> mono-
> spaced font across platforms.  For example, there was a change somewhere
> in
> the Gnu/Linux font-stack (relatively) recently that renders fonts (or at
> least
> DejaVu Sans Mono) noticeably wider than before.  So Windows, OSX, and
> old Gnu/Linux would render a particular line of text sized at "12px"
> within less
> than a single pixel of each other.  The new Gnu/Linux font stack (seen in
> Ubuntu
> 16.04 and some recent Arch) rendered the same text about 7 pixels wider.
> Worse, the newer Gnu/Linux font stack quantizes the "px" sizes such that
> the
> next smallest size is noticeably smaller.  So in Ubuntu 16.04 I have to
> compromise
> by keeping the object box the same size and having some extra padding at
> the
> end-- otherwise users of that OS could end up tightly spacing their object
> chains
> in ways that cause overlaps on the other platforms.
> So... I'd like to get a handle on that mess first, then handling arbitrary
> font
> families-- as in cyclone/comment-- will hopefully be easier and less prone
> to bugs.
> > well, it seems some of the issues are exactly what we're facing now...
> I think those issues are impossible to solve for displaying arbitrary
> fonts in
> a diagram like a Pd patch, and especially for arbitrary fonts in
> multi-line text.
> The user simply won't be able to predict whether or not there will be
> collisions
> on someone else's platform (or even if those fonts aren't available, which
> fonts
> will get chosen).
> I'm all for porting cyclone/comment for the sake of Max compatibility.
> But I'd
> strongly advise against using cyclone/comment in any patch that's supposed
> to
> be used cross-platform (aside from its own help patch, of course).
> -Jonathan
> > cheers
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