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William Huston williamahuston at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 20:28:04 CET 2017

My #1 request is to be able to index into long arrays using the standard
phasor~, tabread4~ combo without loss of precision or complex hacks.

I have not been able to master the use of the onset inlet, and would prefer
a simple solution (from a user's perspective anyway) like the Pd Double
approach taken by Katja. Maybe at least improve the help file demonstrating
how the onset inlet works?

I deal with audio files commonly which are 1-2 hrs long. Would be wonderful
to be able to mangle them with Pd.

Thanks for Pd!!
It brings me joy every day.

On Sunday, January 1, 2017, Miller Puckette <msp at ucsd.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm now ready to start working toward the next Pd release (0.48) . I've
> barely
> touched the Pd sources since the 0.47-1 release last June, and meanwhile
> picked
> up lots of ideas from the Pd convention and always have my own long list of
> things to do.   In the interest of transparency I'll try to map out my
> plans for
> the 3-ish months I think it will take me to get to 0.48.
> I'll only be advancing rather slowly before Feb. 4 because I have two
> separate
> music production projects before then; I'll start working faster after
> that.
> First thing is always to merge in as many patches and pull requests as I
> can.
> I get these from two sources: sourceforge
> (https://sourceforge.net/p/pure-data/patches/)
> and github (https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pulls).  At the moment
> I don't prioritize one of those above the other.  I do this first because,
> when I enter a period of heavy code editing I risk causing conflicts with
> patches/pull requests and I don't want to create extra work for
> contributors.
> In a few days I'll start on my own changes, with the major ones first so
> that
> there's extras time to get them decently debugged; then while bugs in the
> major changes are surfacing I can take on a larger list of smaller changes.
> The major changes I want to try to put in this release are as follows:
> 1.  Make a stab at making Pdlib callable from multiple threads.  There's a
> suggestion from Peter Brinkmann in which gensym() (and I presume by
> extension, pd_bind() etc) would be protected by a lock.  I have an
> alternative
> idea I'd like to float; I'll do this in a separate message to follow.
> 2.  fix "preferences" so that you can load/store them explicitly to files,
> and
> offer an option to delete all "system" preferences ("defaults" on mac;
> registry info on Windows).
> 3.  Adapt and incorporate the Pd-llork/purr-data "infinite undo" feature.
> Since
> the code has diverged I'll probably have to extensively rewrite it to work
> in Pd
> vanilla.
> 4. fix the DSP sorting mechanism so that objects can sense whether they
> have
> signals connected and, if not, avoid having Pd automatically generate fake
> signals for them to use.  This way, for example, "+~" can finally detect
> whether
> it's got a signal connected without having the user have to tell it via
> "+~ 0".
> Also, then the filters (hip~ etc) can then be upgraded to allow signals for
> filter parameters, without doing the extra calculations if there's no
> signal
> connected.  This will require adding something to the "DSP" mechanism; I'm
> still
> not sure how to do this in the best way.
> 5.  Make a binary "FUDI" format for pd~ objects, and perhaps also offer it
> as an
> option for netsend/netreceive (I'm not sure if that's needed or not -
> maybe the
> existing "-b" binary formatting can be used in conjunction with some new
> formatting/parsing objects to allow passing floats and symbols around in
> binary
> messages instead.)
> 6. Hack at sigmund~ to add some features it needs.
> This is a long list and I probably won't get to all of it.  Then I'll move
> onto
> all the smaller changes, which are too numerous to list here.
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