[PD] Request - Deleting struct instances, progress?

Derek Kwan derek.x.kwan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 23:13:56 CET 2017

Thanks! Didn't think about simulating motion and deleting the GUI way

And thanks about [scalar]. Seems like it might be a good way of doing
multidim arrays.

> yeah, "vis 1" and "vis 0" is necessary if the window is not visible. Forget to mention that. Thanks!

And it needs to be in edit mode, correct? So editmode 1 after vis 1,
editmode 0 before vis 0. Doesn't seem to work otherwise...

> regarding the drawing instruction, don't all scalars have the x y coordinates, even if they're not defined in the template? in that case, the scalars without a drawing should be automatically at the coordinates 0 0 - which can be dangerous in case you use your scalars just to store (and not display) data, because all of them will be positioned at 0 0.

if you're not using them to display, there's no drawing commands so it
wouldn't do anything anyways. If there is a draw command, then it looks
like you can't specify any particular element since they're all being
drawn on 0 0 and deleting at 0 0 deletes the head of the list since it's
at the top. So not particularly dangerous,... but not particularly
directable either =)


Derek Kwan

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