[PD] New Blankets Support: *PdCon, *Pd-weekends, *Artists-in-Transit *equipment grants -- and more

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Fri Jan 6 18:27:12 CET 2017

Dear generous folks of PdLand,

In 2017, New Blankets has started a *Daily Benevolent Webcast* which will
spotlight community organizations that are working to build communities in
a free/open way.

- You can see our the netcast-of-the day shows directly from the New
Blankets website:


- Every day New Blankets and other sponsors will be offering a *challenge
grant.* If you pledge a contribution for the feature
community-organization on the day of the webcast, your contribution
 will be doubled (matched 1-1) by New Blankets and its sponsors, up to the
amount of the challenge grant for that day.

- With this message, I'm particularly alerting Pd-list to two upcoming
shows of interest:

   * On Saturday *January 7 the netcast will benefit *New Blankets
Initiatives in Europe* and work to build on some New Blankets launch
activities already begun this past summer in Hebden Bridge UK.  -- The
guest on the January 7 show will be our own blanketeer and Pd stalwart,
*Julian Brooks*.

   * On Saturday *January 15 the NB Benevolent netcast show will be
dedicated to promote:

             *-- Widening the Worldwide Welcome to Puredata --*

   and the guest on January 15 will be Miller Puckette, whom some of you
may have heard of.

Please drop by http://newblankets.org and listen if/when you care to.
(We've _attempted_ to keep these netcasts under ten minutes, more or

If you wish to help any of the New Blankets featured "good causes" on any
given day of the netcasts, you may pledge any amount you choose:
Simply send a message to calendar at newblankets.org and be sure to state
the amount of your pledge in the "Subject:" line.
   (Once you've made a pledge by simple e-mail, your actual donation
    must be received within two weeks to be eligible for the 1-1
    match funds.
         You may pay with paper checks or PayPal or most anything. -- If
    you need more info on how-to-pay after a pledge, -- please just
    send an inquiry to calendar at newblankets.org and we can provide
    more info about that.)

By the way ... If you yourself have other "good causes" that you regularly
donate to, you might consider passing the organization's information along
to New Blankets. Perhaps NB can find a sponsor for a challenge grant and
devote a day to your own additional "worthy causes," as well as those
we've already identified for the New Blankets Benevolent Netcasts.

      Joe Deken

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