[PD] New Pd sound design course @ MIT OpenCourseWare

Florian Hollerweger floholl at mit.edu
Sat Jan 7 22:20:34 CET 2017

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that my MIT course *Music and Technology: Sound Design* (21M.380) has recently been released on *MIT OpenCourseWare* at


This course is in large parts *based on Andy Farnell's* excellent book *Designing Sound* (MIT Press 2010). As many of you know, Andy's book includes dozens of practical sound design examples that are implemented in Pure Data, and it also features a very comprehensive Pd tutorial for beginners.

I am hoping that the above site will be useful not only for students, but also for other educators. It includes lecture outlines, assignment instructions, quizzes with and without solutions, and lots of other content - all released under OpenCourseWare's Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (https://ocw.mit.edu/terms/).

Particularly useful for people interested in Andy's book might be the *lecture slides* at


The slides contain recreations of many of the Pd patch figures from Andy's book, which have been recreated from the code examples accompanying the book at


The best news are that *the slides link the patch figures from Andy's book to the corresponding Pd patches* (which can otherwise be a little tricky to locate). Pages 3+4 in the PDF include instructions on where to place slides and unpacked tarball on your hard drive, such that you can open an example in Pd simply by clicking on the play button in the corresponding figure caption (using a suitable PDF viewer).

I am very grateful to Curtis Newton and the other folks at MIT OpenCourseWare, who have been incredibly patient and meticulous in the preparation of this course. A big thank you also goes to Andy Farnell for his continuous help and advise during the publication process, and to my colleagues at MIT Music & Theater Arts for supporting my work.

Best wishes,

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