[PD] Purr Data rc4

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 20:55:01 CET 2017

So the initial release will be runnable on Windows XP, and on both 64-bit and 
32-bit versions of Windows.  Probably after that the best thing is to drop XP 
support, and just use a 32-bit binary of the most recent version of nw.js for all 
Windows versions.

> doesn't it make more sense to have a 64 bit versions for windows, and not dropping XP support? One of the most amazing thing about Pd is that it can run anywhere, I'm sure someone will be bummed out for not being able to install in on XP
I can wait a little longer-- at most until nw.js bumps the LTS version.


> cheers
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