[PD] 32 and 64 bits in parallel

Jma/celeonet jma at jeanmarie-adrien.net
Fri Jan 13 13:51:03 CET 2017

Sorry to post this again, not sure it went through the first time

What's the way to have two instances of pd, 32 bits (for GEM) and 64 bits (for ram) running in parallel with different binaries / libraries and prefs (OSX) ?

1- Where is the smart place for externals / libraries so that they do not conflict : is it possible to stick them anywhere, has it to be in /Lib/Pd or can they be in the application packet for the 64bits the old way ? (I'm looking for the professional way before hacking around)

2- Is there a way to have specific prefs for the 64bits in the default file inside app packet, and no prefs in the /Usr/Library/Préférences ? (Same note). 


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