[PD] Pure Data on a wrist watch

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Sun Jan 15 11:32:20 CET 2017


On 15/01/17 16:32, s p wrote:
> Great stuff Chris!!! What watch is that?


Currently $90 USD (free shipping) but was available for $73 USD when I 
bought it.

It is basically an Android phone crammed inside a wrist-watch 
form-factor. It has an ARM CPU so it is able to run the PdDroidParty APK 
without any recompilation.

It can run all of the usual Android apps like F-Droid, browser, etc.

The build quality is ok, but not that great. I accidentally tore one of 
the straps off when I was trying to tighten them.

On the plus side this means we will now be able to play algorithmic rave 
music from our wrist watches at the PdCon 2067 after-party inside a 
hollowed out asteroid in the vicinity of 10 Hygiea.

See you there,



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