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#yiv7710537834 #yiv7710537834 -- P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}#yiv7710537834 > I think that having the ability to load an html at the background will ease a lot of things. Probably making translations or helps easier & nicer & cross-platform & on-line.
I don't think that would help because html isn't pixel exact.  The relationship between background html and foreground Pd canvas objects (which in Purr Data are 
just svg elements) is difficult and unintuitive to control.

> I`m not saying that Purr-Data should be used for generating or editing html.
> I`m thinking of it as a “Canvas” but not just as a color and a font, but with all the flexibility of an html (markup language).
I have added some drawing instructions and event handlers to data structures with the [draw] object.  That allows grouping 
and arbitrary path drawings.  (But I don't have an interface to draw text yet.)

> Since you are working with HTML5, I think this type of thing should be natural.
It is, and Purr Data patches themselves are just html files with an svg on them.

> Currently I`m using [ggee/image] as a “rich-canvas”, some screen-shots:
> Of course these are not done with a “markup language”, but are cross-platform.
It's probably easier to allow opening arbitrary html files and having a nice interface for 
talking to Pd through them.  That would be more flexible and easier to implement/maintain.

But feel free to experiment with putting html content inside an external.  It shouldn't be 
hard to create an external that displays HTML5 content in a rectangle on a Pd canvas.  Throw 
some webgl in there, or a video player.  The hard part only comes if you want to add xlets and 
somehow interface with the displayed state through Pd messages.


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> Btw: How far we are from displaying a normal html+css inside a Purr-Data
What did you have in mind?

> Or to make an html+css as background to a patch?
It's possible to do that atm, either by changing one of the css files
or through devtools.  But I don't have an interface that lets you set
this by sending a Pd message within a patch.

> Is there an object that loads and display html?
There isn't.  You could load an html page and send messages to
Pd from it.  But again, I don't have an interface built to do anything
like that yet.


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