[PD] Purr Data rc4

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other option also nice.

Put [canvas]


Put [htmlcanvas]

this one could be edited through "devtools"? Perhaps?

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>>That's a possibility.  But currently you can't open an html file from the menu.  You'd have to open devtools and do it manually.

> Like drag`n`drop an html?
> Exactly where in the devtools?

In the devtools console.  For example, you can do `window.open('about:blank');`


> I meant we, in the furure, can open a remote html file that has the .pd part inside a </code> tag. And the canvas is rich-html and the objects and cables are above that.

Oh, I see.  There are two potential features you are describing.  One is a friendly
interface for opening an html file in Purr Data.  The other is a friendly interface
for making a network request for a remote file and then displaying/running it.

For the first we can just play around with devtools and incrementally build the
feature from there.  Maybe adding ".html" as a legal file type to open, making
the pdgui.js module more generally usable, etc.

Fetching remote content is a bit more difficult.  Currently I don't let the GUI
toolkit make any network connections aside from the local socket connection
to the Pd process.


> I`m just brain-storming about the fact that Purr-data is based on HTML5.


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