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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 18:37:04 CET 2017

2016-09-20 16:12 GMT-03:00 Lucas Cordiviola <lucarda27 at hotmail.com>:

> Ops,
> I'm getting the error but only when opening the help patch. Not if using
> with or without the threaded option.
> Testing with beta 2.
> We should check the help patch.

Wow, now I tried the help file from "cyclone 02" with the [coll] version we
have and I finally could replicate the bug and issue!

So this probably didn't happen before cause we have a new help file...

let me point it all out objectively:

- tested the given test patch in our threaded version of coll and in Purr
Data (which carries the old threaded version of coll): No Problems!

- tested both of these threaded coll versions with their respective help
files, no issues.

- *tested the help file from cyclone 02 with the threaded version and got
the issue!!!* Thus, the issue only presented itself with the help file
included in cyclone 0.2

- I even tested the problematic help patch by opening it in Purr Data, but
couldn't replicate the error... so, even when it comes up, it's not that

This needs further investigation of course, but I can deduce that the
threaded version isn't as problematic in windows as I thought so, doesnt
seem like a big deal. It doesn't come up all of the time, and when it does
it only happens when you close Pd, which can be annoying, but doesn't seem
to really affect patching or anything...

well, I'm sorry that this feature was removed from windows in deken. I'll
try to build it from beta02 and check this more throughly... but anyone who
was having problems, please try Purr Data as I said, and see what comes up.

ps. - We are working on an update of [coll] and should include back the
threaded functionality for windows too. But not in the same way I must say!
The way it was introduced in Pd-l2ork/Purr Data and cyclone 0.2 broke max
msp compatibility and we consider that to be an issue - as we consider that
extra features introduced in cyclone should not break max/msp compatibility.
- We are including it now as an extra attribute and that should be alsio
included in Pd-l2ork/Purr Data as soon as we have a final release.

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