[PD] building externals on windows

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 24 19:39:51 CET 2017

Follow Fred`s WindowsMinGW


Stop @ Building Pd-Vanilla

Irrc thats enough.

Open the file explrer and go to C:\MinGW\msys\1.0

Double-click on msys.bat

cd to your cyclone folder.

Now the rest depends on where you have Pd installed or if not installed where Pd files are.

For using pd-lib-builder:
 in my case:

make pdincludepath=C:/Users/Lucarda/Downloads/pd/src pdbinpath=C:/Users/Lucarda/Downloads/pd/bin 2> log.txt

All in one line. You can skip "2> log.txt", its the log to a file.

I think you get the "pdincludepath=" & "pdbinpath=", is to tell where are the needed Pd stuff.

You can paste to Msys with shift+insert.

Mensaje telepatico asistido por maquinas.

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howdy, first time with my hands on a windows machine and I wanna try building libraries like cyclone

who could point me to guidelines, HOW TOs and hints?


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