[PD] email phdhosts at newblankets.org if you're interested/able to host Pd *Artists in Transit*

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Sat Jan 28 02:38:47 CET 2017

Are you a Pd "local leader" in some way for your location?

That may be a fairly vague question -- but the practical purpose for New
Blankets asking is this:

"Are you interested and able to host Pd *Artists-in-Transit* to visit your
area and the groups there which you are affiliated with?"

New Blankets is interested in continuing (and increasing!) its support of
Pd *Artists-in-Transit*
and their tours and activities, worldwide.  Those tours, in ways that will
depend on the individual AIT and the local interests,  might include any
and all of the following:

   -- performance
   -- public lectures and demonstrations
   -- workshops and instruction (including tutorials for beginners)
   -- "round workbench" sessions of sharing techniques among experts

As a practical note, the NB Artists in Transit have been a congenial bunch
that prefer couch surfing to fancy hotels, will eat pizza or whatever
you're serving, etc etc.  Nothing fancy or expensive is envisioned -- the
bulk of NB AIT expenses in the past have been for travel worldwide.

-- (Please pardon the interruption if none of the above is not of interest
to you.)  --

But if you are interested in hosting/co-ordinating visitors to your area
and with your local group,
your university,  concert hall or what-have-you-to-offer  -- please send a
quick  e-mail  reply to:

 --  pdhosts at newblankets.org  --

(You are welcome of course to copy the list or not, as you feel
appropriate for brainstorming. Tell your friends, too and invite them to
email pdhosts at newblankets.org   )

Once we have a quorum of replies, we'll share those.   New Blankets hopes
to start
making a map, connecting the dots ... and hopefully be helping even more
of those terrific Pd Artists-in-Transit get out on the road and sharing Pd
art and lore.

In the grand scheme of things we hope that all of the micro local-elements
like patching circles and pd-weekends and AIT tours can work make the "big
show" PdCons even better (and more frequent) when they happen like
returning comets.

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