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Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 28 05:42:39 CET 2017

> Ok,
> “ds-slider.pd” is cool, also it can easly be shaped to a circle instead of square, and so on, the new [draw] is cool, but:
> how do you send values to [ds-slider]?
Where are the values coming from?

> I never been into “pointers” & “data structures”.
> Don't forget that we are trying to connect web-things to Pd, cuz Purr-Data uses 
> NW.js
> Let me know your thoughts on some [htmlcanvas] or those <iframes> that I mentioned.
It's certainly possible to add a web page using an iframe. It could be added 
as html-- either about or below the svg that holds all of the patch.  It could also 
be added as a "foreignObject" inside the svg itself, in which case it could 
(theoretically) have a z-order among the inner svg elements that represent the 
patch objects.  However, I don't think there is browser consensus on how the 
latter should actually behave.  I've tried to steer clear of behavior that isn't 
well-documented and broadly implemented by all the important browser vendors 
(as in the latter case).
Personally, I think it'd be more useful to have a patch contained/displayed 
within an html file.  That's actually how patches are rendered in Purr Data 
anyway.  (There just doesn't happen to be much content in the html other than 
the svg itself.)  So adding the ability to specify a different html "template" than 
the generic one I'm using would be a way to do that.
Still, keep in mind I didn't design the GUI to be able to do any of this.  It's been 
an incremental port using the tcl/tk code as a stand-in for a spec.  So even adding 
the ability to display arbitrary html content in a patch window would probably 
require some careful consideration and refactoring.
Also-- to the extent possible I'd like to keep the "Pd-land" syntax distinct from 
"Web-land".  For example, I use a small subset of the svg specification to extend 
data structure drawing in Purr Data.  But I do it with simple Pd atoms/messages, 
not with XML.

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