[PD] What is pd-WORKSPACE?

David dfkettle at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 18:26:14 CET 2017


I'm trying to create an "effects rack" in PD, with 8 slots for various
effects and a grid of toggle switches to chain the effects together (see
"EffectsRack.png", attached). It's working in it's current version, but I
also wanted to be able to swap different effects in and out while the patch
is running, since I have more that 8 different effects available. I found
some examples of other people's attempts to create objects dynamically, and
modified one of them to do what I want (see "Effect~.png", attached). The
problem is that I can only create a single instance of "Effect~"  in the
main patch. If I create more than one, as soon as I swap in a new effect to
any one of the 8 slots, it overwrites whatever was in the other 7 slots.

I tried changing the name "pd-WORKSPACE" in the message, so I could give
each work space a different name, but PD doesn't seem to recognize any name
but "pd-WORKSPACE". Is this name somehow predefined in PD? Is there only
one work space available to dynamically create objects? Is there a better
approach that would let me do this?

David Kettle.
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