[PD] cross platforms issues with displaying fonts in vanilla but not in Purr Data

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 01:38:35 CET 2017


>>Apparently the cross-plataform issue is because OSX only handle fonts with no spaces in its name.

>not at all, this is not in the account of OSX... I can use DejaVu Sans Mono in all other softwares but Pd Vanilla, so this is in Pd's account, sorry…

I understand your misunderstanding, I ment that Pd on OSX cant open fonts with spaces in its name. & this is related also to tk/tcl.

>and, also, purr data loads dejavu sans in Mac OS

Yes, because of the CSS “@font-face ”, which in turn allows web browsers to load fonts “on the fly” which can be stored anywhere and not need to be installed on the OS.

>well... not sure if something important was clear enough, let me say again, in windows, Pd Extended came and loaded DejaVu Sans Mono!

Yes, C`mon Alex. The font was installed via the installer. I used it since 2006 on win xp.

>So, check it out... vanilla in windows complained for the lack of DejaVu Sans Mono, then I installed Extended and it was using DejaVu, so I reopen Vanilla and now it finds it.

Yes, you could also have installed just the font instead of installing extended.

>This to me makes it seem it's totally possible for Pd to ship and load fonts accordingly, but that's not all…

Yes, if you use an installer. (at least on mswindows)

>In Extended, the font still looks ok and nice, it doesn't corrupt the visuals in the patch, it's only in vanilla that things get screwed up

>here, let me show you 2 print screens, a patch in Extended that looks a lot like the Mac Os version with Monaco, that looks also reasonably the same as Purr Data in every platform, and how vanilla in windows with dejavu sans got screwy... in the same way as in linux…

Retry using dejavu but with “-font-weight normal” on Pd`s startupflags. And resize font to 10. I cant remember which was extended default font size.

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