[PD] cross platforms issues with displaying fonts in vanilla but not in Purr Data

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 07:00:44 CET 2017

This was fixed in extended years ago and the font handling improvements have simply not been ported to Vanilla. Your point is clear, what is not clear is (as usual) who is going to spend the time to port Hans' working solution to vanilla and in such a way as to have it accepted.

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> please let me reinforce something, cause I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot... maybe I'm not making myself clear, maybe I'm a very confusing guy and troubled mind, but it's been over 30 messages and all I'm really saying (all along, from the very first message) is this:
> hey: 
> 1- Purr Data and Extended look like and consistent... they give you fonts you need, and all patches look nice in cross platforms.
> 2- vanilla doesn't give you fonts you need and when you get them, it looks bad, inconsistent in between different platforms and even different than in Extended/Purr Data with the same fonts...
> and all I have is a request: - please lets fix this vanilla issue
> sorry, dont get me wrong, I love that you're with me here and I'm also willing to help and investigate this, but it's just that it seems we're not making much progress and that I'm not making my point clear.
> cheers

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